NJ Gov. Chris Christie “Balances” So Called Conservativism with Blue-State Liberalism

Presently the governor of the Garden State is the frontrunner for the 2016 Republican presidential nomination. But how can New Jersey Governor Chris Christie straddle his party’s—let’s be brutally honest—obsolete platform—with the needs of a Democratic State?  Former two-term Governor of Utah Jon Huntsman, a respected diplomat, couldn’t channel his inner feng shui to help the Far Right and Far Left unite.  I doubt Christie will have any better luck: he was the one who eloquently called “bullsh*t” on people that didn’t want sand dunes on the Jersey Shore.

  • CANNABIS: Does Christie care about sick kids who could meaningfully benefit from medical cannabis?  Naw, he’d rather give Obama a big, bold bear hug than save the life of a child.  “I am not going to turn this into a place where people fly into Newark airport, drive someplace, claim to have a migraine from a quack doctor and get high,” Christie said in July.  Yet the majority of New Jerseyites want him to sign a bill that would make it easier for children to participate in the state’s medicinal cannabis program by passing S2842.  Besides yielding to his party’s misguided anti-legalization stance, you cannot sell me on the story that Christie never had the munchies in college.  The editor at News Munchies with Ted Corless cannot be fooled into buying an ounce of THAT ridiculousness.
  • SAME-SEX MARRIAGE:  Christie followed the GOP’s lopsided manual by slamming the Supreme Court decision on DOMA as “wrong” and an example of “judicial supremacy.” But then he switched positions and stated he is “adamant” same-sex couples deserve equal legal protection.  (New Jersey lawmakers passed a bill to recognize gay marriage last year, but Gov. Christie squashed it like a spider that was entertaining small children.)  Don’t gay couples deserve more than pity pandering from an “is he or isn’t he” liberal politician?
  • MOTHER NATURE: While many in the GOP are openly suspicious of climate science, Christie has begun sounding more like Mitt Romney and Jon Huntsman than the caricature that is Michele Bachmann.  After saying in 2010 that he’s “skeptical” of humans’ role in climate change, he has softened his tone lately.  The statewide, citizen-based environmental advocacy organization, Environment New Jersey, acknowledged Christie did “champion wind power, backing a strong policy that could give our state the nation’s first offshore wind farm.”  On the other hand, Christie appeared environmentally un-friendly when he used $400 million in clean-energy funds to balance the state budget.

Maybe we are seeing an encore of an unsuccessful Republican presidential candidate like Jon Huntsman, who forged a rebellious political path by becoming President Obama’s ambassador to China and then resigning to oppose Mr. Obama’s re-election.  It isn’t easy being green, nor is it easy to strike a balance between the Right and Left’s uncompromising agendas.  Will Christie be the Republican to do it?  Not likely from a guy who is in deep denial about his identity crisis.

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