Religion & Cannabis: An Interview With Natalie Gillespie of God’s Greenery

What role should religion play in cannabis consumption and usage? What is the relationship between cannabis and religion?

I recently had the opportunity to dive deeper into these and other topics when I interviewed the Editor-in-Chief of, which is the first online arena for the Christian community to access reliable information, research, and stories about the uses of hemp-based Cannabidiol, also known as CBD, from a faith-based perspective.

Natalie Gillespie is not only the Editor-in-Chief of God’s Greenery and a respected journalist but she is also the author of Successful Adoption: A Guide for Christian Families and You Were Made to Make a Difference (with Max Lucado) as well as the former editor of women’s lifestyle magazine mtl.

God's Greenery

“God’s Greenery grew from a desire to serve the Christian community and help answer questions unique to its perspective,” said Chief Executive Officer Michael Klein. “I am thrilled to have Natalie on board to add her voice, professional experience, and spiritual insight to guide believers in their CBD research process.”

Natalie’s answers to my questions below illustrate valuable insight and thoughtfulness on the meditation between religion and cannabis. I invite you to peruse and think about how to make empowering, healthy decisions about cannabis for you and your family.

What inspired you to become part of the God’s Greenery team? The idea of considering CBD and natural health through a faith-based lens fascinated me. At first, I thought I would be educating Christ followers, including myself, about the basics of CBD – alleviating worries about legality, whether it gets users high, and how God would feel about His believers using hemp-derived products. And is doing that. However, it is also transforming and growing into so much more. We are creating dialogue about CBD and natural health in the faith media and faith community. On the flip side, we are also creating dialogue about Christianity and faith in the cannabis community. It’s amazing how interested people are in connecting their health and wellness to the idea of faith. The possibilities genuinely thrill me. And the personal testimonies of people helped by CBD are almost miraculous.

What is God’s Greenery’s mission? God’s Greenery is on mission to create a thoughtful community interested in learning more about hemp-derived CBD and natural health and wellness through a faith-based perspective – so that body, mind, and spirit are considered in our health decisions. At God’s Greenery, we create original content around the pillars of Scripture & Commentary, Health & Beauty, Church & Lifestyle, Research & Regulations, and – my personal favorite – Real Stories. We educate God’s Greenery readers on the ways CBD might be helpful to their health routines, the rules and regulations surrounding CBD products, and the spiritual and scriptural considerations of CBD and other tools for healing. We also share stories of real people finding health benefits by using CBD, as well as stories from pastors, doctors, and other Christians who are becoming entrepreneurs in the CBD space.

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What sets God’s Greenery apart from other cannabis-related brands, services, and products? Definitely the faith component, for one thing. If your faith is foundational to your decision-making, God’s Greenery is a great wellness site for you. It is also different because we keep our focus on hemp-derived CBD, not other cannabis products. We hone in on the potential health benefits of CBD topicals, supplements, tinctures, and other items for people and pets.

At, one of our goals is to feature fearless women helping propel the cannabis industry forward. Can you explain the magnitude of what it means to be a female Editor-in -Chief of a cannabis-driven brand? I feel so blessed to have been invited to the table to create something so fresh and new that I believe can help people heal in a variety of ways, physically, and spiritually. I have had the opportunity to speak to religion writers from around the world on a panel at the Religion News Association’s annual convention, sit down and chat with Fox Business and MarketWatch, and introduce people not only to CBD – a natural physical tool that may help them heal – but also to the God I love, who I know can help them heal. What could be better than that? I get to grow my own knowledge, skills, passion, and purpose and share what I learn with others. It may seem like a strange marriage to many people, CBD and Christianity, but it proves to me that God works in all kinds of ways to make Himself known.

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