Libertarian Gary Johnson the Great Ganja Hope?

Libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson revealed that he is abstaining from using marijuana while he runs for the White House but that doesn’t mean his marijuana tentacles don’t have impressive reach. Johnson has long advocated for legalizing the plant, saying that there is “an unbelievable disconnect” between politicians and the public on the issue.  “I’ve always viewed the legalization of marijuana as making the world a better place.”

Libertarians take a traditionally “yes” view on marijuana legalization while saying “no” to government infringement. We have the highest incarceration rate in the world, and at the heart of this is the drug war. But for some reason, the mainstream media currently cares more about whether Hillary Clinton actually has pneumonia and whether Donald Trump is clinically insane than whether criminal justice reform will save the United States. Gary Johnson explained:

We need to look to be pardoning those that are in prison for victimless, nonviolent crime. And back to the disparity in drug laws: If you are of color, there is a four times more likelihood that you will go to jail than if you are white, and that continues to be the case.

Former New Mexico Gov. Gary Johnson is the Libertarian Party’s nominee for president and depending upon who you ask, the Great Ganja Hope. As a pot entrepreneur, Johnson was named as Cannabis Sativa Inc.’s CEO and president. “I’m getting paid $1 a year to be president and CEO of this company, but I am getting stock so the only way I make money is if shareholders make money,” Johnson said.

Some in America are increasingly worried at the prospect of having Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton as president. Johnson provides an interesting alternative for the many Americans who find Donald and Hillary abhorrent.  His appeal stems from the fact that he has a record as a socially liberal yet fiscally conservative two-term Republican in a dependably blue state. Both major party candidates have historically high negative ratings, and the Libertarian ticket might make the ballot in all 50 states.

Johnson is the only viable remaining candidate in favor of legalizing the drug. Johnson deserves credit for being ahead of the curve on drug policy when it wasn’t yet cool. Now, as a national candidate, Johnson is breaking ground by admitting recent recreational drug use and encouraging its legalization.

Arguably, Libertarians encompass the best of what it is to be a Republican and the best of what it is to be a Democrat. No one following the polls seriously believes Gary Johnson has a shot at the presidency. But shaking up the two-party system over an important issue like marijuana is progress. The government shouldn’t make decisions for citizens in their private lives and but for our Drug War, we wouldn’t have tens of millions of Americans who are convicted felons.

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